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Site fitoukraine.com.ua is official site of Ukrainian producer «Fito Ukraine». All another similar sites and information there are untrue and fake.

Welcome to the website of "Fito Ukraine!"

We hope you discover the wonderful world of our beautiful products!

From green Volyn to blooming Sumshchyna, from glorious Kyiv to the gold fields of Podillia our native Polissia has spread! Land of majestic forests, clear lakes, flowing rivers, flowering meadows and splendid gardens. The country of harmony and natural treasures!

Company "Fito Ukraine" was incorporated in 2012 in a beautiful Ukrainian natural Polissia region. The company is a producer of tea products under the brand name "Polissia Tea" and «DR. FITO».

Newly built factory meets the highest criteria for the technology of tea production. The company has installed and successfully operated a technological equipment manufactured in accordance to the latest European standards of quality and food safety. We use fruits, berries, herbs from ecologically clean regions for an ultimate production quality. The specialists of our company have a careful approach in respect to harvesting and processing raw materials for future assortment of the tea. State Phytosanitary Service of Ukraine and State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the Health Ministry of Ukraine carries out a constant supervision of quality and safety of raw materials and tea products. We produce only the highest quality products made from natural ingredients.

Polissia tea – a natural quality.

In order to preserve a rich aroma and a unique taste of our products we used original modern packaging. The unique technology of production and packaging keeps the freshness and aroma of the tea. A convenient zip-lock built into the package provides the ease of repeated opening/closing of the pack with tea.

When creating a brand "Polissia Tea" we considered the location of tea factory and ancient Ukrainian traditional recipes, where our ancestors used the fruits of gardens, wild berries and meadow grasses to prepare delicious, healthy and fragrant aroma teas.

The factory LLC "Fito Ukraine" employs only true professionals and masters of their craft!

We have a single team of professionals and likeminders who work hard every day to create delicious and healthy masterpieces for you! Nowadays, the products of "Polissia Tea" brand represents 22 kinds of tea for a Ukrainian consumer. The assortment consists of selected tea harvest and tea packed in disposable express packages.

For more information, please refer to section "Production".

Discover the wisdom of Nature ...

We create the exceptional Ukrainian traditional teas, unique bouquets of taste and aroma from natural fruits, berries and herbs. Makes every effort to ensure you the highest quality of our products. Embrace the rich taste and exquisite aroma of teas of "Fito Ukraine" to achieve a real pleasure!